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Preventing Food Waste

In 2010, around one-third of the food produced in the United States was not consumed, and ended up being wasted. That is a troubling statistic, and represents a food waste crisis that if left ignored will continue to burn holes in the pockets of families, and contribute to waste and the myriad problems it causes our planet.

Depression in Older Adults

The changes that often come in later life—retirement, the death of loved ones, increased isolation, medical problems—can lead to depression. Depression prevents you from enjoying life like you used to. But its effects go far beyond mood. It also impacts your energy, sleep, appetite, and physical health. However, depression is not an inevitable part of aging, and there are many steps you can take to overcome the symptoms, no matter the challenges you face.

End Senior Hunger

Waste, Nutrition and Diet Guidelines

New Dietary Guidelines Remove Restrictions On Total Fat And Set Limit For Added Sugars But Censor Conclusions Of Scientific Advisory Committee

Request for Applications

The National Foundation to End Senior Hunger (NFESH) is pleased to announce a Request for Applications (RFA) for What A Waste Service Grants.

What a Waste Superlatives

Seniors Faced With Hunger