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Meals on Wheels of Coweta 


Supporting Coweta’s elder adults with meals and assistance
Giving a helping hand
Supporting Coweta's elder adults with handyman services
Supporting Coweta's elder adults with home visits
Providing pet care assistance
Coweta's youth assisting elder adults with home task


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We are on track to serve over 50,000 meals by the end of 2021.

With over 200 volunteers who are

Together giving 88 (and more) volunteer hours per week

Packing an average of 190 daily meals each week

Delivering on 27 routes each week

For an average of 4560 meals per month

THANK YOU for continuing to support Meals on Wheels serving our elder homebound adults

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and thank you

to our own

Chef Tina Cannon !

She used her talent and skill to win $10,000 for Meals on Wheels of Coweta. And is the Winner of the Netflix show American Barbecue Showdown. Follow Tina on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube @tinacannoncooks 

A great follow-up article about Tina’s experience on Netflix’s American Barbecue Showdown https://www.popsugar.com/node/47828624 

A fun podcast interviewing Tina about the Netflix show and promoting Meals on Wheels of Coweta https://meatdave.libsyn.com/ep-42-tina-cannon



Nearly 50,000 are served to MOWOC clients annually.  Approximately 200 volunteers are  involved in meal delivery, handyman repairs, food preparation, pet care assistance, and friendly visitors. Most MOWOC clients live alone with little or no help.  

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